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Sound since 1860

Tower Clocks and Bell Ringing Technology

PERROT continues to combine traditional Handcrafting
with modern Techniques.

The World’s largest Tower Clock



Tower Clocks and Bell Ringing Technology

Our Products and Production Program:

  • PERCONTA electronic Master Clocks
  • Quartz-controlled and remote-controlled switch clocks
  • JUBILATE electronic bell ringers
  • SONATE chimes and carillon works for up to 96 bells
  • Bronze bells and their proper ringing equipment
  • Tower and Wall Clocks
  • Wall Clocks for private homes, hotels and restaurants, business headquarters and the like
  • Spires and weather vanes for tower steeples

  • Gold leafing
  • Restoration of any antiquated tower clock movement
  • Clock installations for all open-air uses, arenas, stadiums and shopping malls
  • Publicity clocks
  • Various special exhibition clocks including giant floral dials
  • Any other custom clock design and production
  • The refurbishment of existing tower clocks
  • Custom back-lighted tower clocks