SONATE Carillon Works

The SONATE carillon works is a state-of-the-art technology which allows one to play up to 96 cast-bronze bells. Its system is comprised of a hi-tech microprocessor, a storage component, a terminal, a color video display screen and a standard computer keyboard. Once the desired melodies have been played upon the keyboard, it is possible to verify and correct them, accordingly, on the monitor screen. Various melodies can be played by means of the keyboard without even having to actually chime on the bells themselves; the sounds can be heard through earphones or a loudspeaker. Of course, when concert time arrives, the carillonneur will be able to play his melodies directly upon the carillon system. The PERCONTA Master Clock is the ideal electronic device for the automated playing of the carillon.


In all bell towers, whatever their size and design, any carillon or chime can be expertly incorporated within a custom-made bell frame and, as such, maximize all available space up in the bell chamber. All this will enhance the visual look of the bell system.



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