Bell Strikers

Our hammer work technology has been specifically designed for the striking of a bell. The hammer head has been expertly hand-wrought in the finest tradition of the art. The pivoting arm and hammer hardware are custom-made to suit any individual bell and its suspension frame. Its engineering ensures maximum tonal output from the bell while, at the same time, protecting the bell’s outer mantle from any false or accidental rebounding strike.



Mechanical Bell Striker

The mechanical bell striker drive (or, Hubwerk in German) can strike any bell ranging from 100 to 5000 kg in weight. This unit with its cast-iron casing consists of a central gear which revolves within a liquid bath of high intensity oil. It is completely waterproof and therefore resistant to all dust and grime. Its sturdy construction makes for a top class performance, be it in cold winter weather or in extreme summer heat. The unit will deliver more than one million strikes without any obvious wear and tear.

These bell striker drives perform flawlessly for all round-the-clock quarterly hour and hourly striking of tower bells. PERROT remains available for any other questions concerning this technology.



Electro-magnetic Bell Striker

The electro-magnetic bell striker from PERROT is available for both stationary and swinging bells as well as for multi-chromatic bronze bell carillons. They are designed and built for both inner and outer striking functions depending on the type of bell installation.

These compact and flexible models are specifically installed and adjusted so as to obtain the optimum sound tonality from the bell.



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