PERCONTA Master Clock

Ideal for: Church and Cathedral Edifices, Schools and Universities, City and Town Halls, Government Complexes, Banks, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Factories, Market Places, Railway Stations, Stadiums and Arenas, etc.
Specific Uses: Tower Clock mechanisms of all categories, swinging bell ringers and stationary bell strikers, automated chimes and carillon works, signalization, heating, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, clock networks, publicity apparatus, etc.


  • Automatic Winter/Summertime Changeover
  • Leap-year occurrences taken into account
  • Total of 1500 memory places
  • Automatic switching-off of all programs during the nighttime break
  • Six different integrated hour striking programs (for example, the Westminster chime or other versions)
  • Programming for specific dates covering a one-year span
  • Carillon computer programs for up to a maximum of 24 bells
  • Integrated ringing programs as well as special ringing programs for various dates of the calendar year
  • And many other features … just ask us and we shall gladly explain it to you

Technical specifications (Download)



PERCONTA 19’’ Version

PERCONTA 19’’ Version – more information is available on demand.

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