Swinging Bells

As a confirmed leader in the field of bell ringing technology, PERROT has accumulated over the years much expertise regarding cast bronze bells and their vital equipment (yokes, clappers and inherent sound acoustics). This allows us to make available the proper advice regarding this important matter which concerns all types of bell towers. Brand-new bronze bells delivered by our firm have been cast using the venerable centuries-old casting process using forms and molds made of clay. Ornaments, inscriptions and decorations which usually grace a new bell are gladly furnished upon special request.


Now and then, following a stringent inspection by a qualified bell expert, individual bronze bells are declared unfit for ringing. Hairline cracks along the flank of the bell, or chipped pieces off the lower mantle of the bell or then, eroded strike spots have been discovered. When such a bell is of major historic value, it is recommended that it be refurbished by a specialized welding process which utilizes a bronze compound to fill in the damaged areas.

PERROT handles this kind of welding technique which will bring back the beautiful sound and harmonics to the damaged bell. Hundreds of historic bells in both Germany and the rest of Europe have been restored to near perfection by this welding process.


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