June 2020

Farmhouse in the northern part of Germany

For a farmhouse in the northern part of Germany – Schleswig-Holstein – we delivered and installed a complete tower clock consisting of the master clock PERCONTA, motor hand drive MHD1300, dial, hands, bronze-bell, and magnetic hammer. Even the night silence is controlled by the master clock. The design of the dial and hands was made closely with the requests of the customer.

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May 2020

Church in Malsch

During the last few days a new bell frame, made of oak, was installed in the protestant church in Malsch. It is a very solid and artificial construction. The historic bells were hang in new wooden yokes. The used oak has an drying duration  of at least 6-8 years. The bells will be rang with the latest bell ringing technology designed and produced in our own workshop.

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April 2020

Church in Zeiskam

The protestant church in Zeiskam in the region Rheinland Pfalz was restored. We were requested to deliver and install new dials and hands. The cross and cook was completely restored and gold leafed. We installed new wooden tower window louvers. For the bells we installed new wooden yokes as well as new mechanical hammerworks.

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April 2020

Old weaving mill Heubach

A tower clock in bespoke design was delivered and installed in Heubach at the old weaving mill. The building is from Bauhaus school and the design of the clock was adjusted to this. The clock diameter is 2.500 mm. The hour markers are set on distance and have Platine gold leafing as well as the hands. The hands are driven by our motor hand drive MHD2500 with radio control. The major of the city spoke in high terms about this beautiful clock.

December 2019

Cathedral in Utrecht

Just in time before the new year our partner in Netherlands installed four motor hand drives MHD4000 and gilded hands on the scaffolding of the Cathedral in Utrecht. So people are able to see the time on this impressive Building also during the time of renovation.

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November 2019

Facade clock

On 06th November 2019 a celebration was held to hand over the new façade clock for the Heinrich-Immanuel Perrot middle school. The clock with a diameter of 2 m was designed by several pupils and our designer. The design is very unique and includes many aspects of the schools philosophy as well as of the names giver.

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October 2019

Home Jewellery

For a leading producer of Home Jewellery we deliver master clocks, motor hand drives and mechanisms for pendulum in all requested sizes and variants. Even clocks with illuminated hands are requested by the customers. To provide an excellent service for the customer we offer also our remote control system so that these clocks can be serviced and maintained from far distance.

July 2019

Slave Clocks for Mosque

After installation new tower clocks for the two big mosques in Karbala, we delivered a complete Slave Clock system for inside the mosque with single and double sided clocks. The slave clocks are controlled by central network master clock with NTP-time server and are connected to a PoE switch. So there is no need of an additional power supply wiring. Each clock in the network is recognized and can be controlled central. In total the clock system consists of 50 slave clocks with an bespoke design for dial and hands.

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July 2019

Chapel Waldeck

The on-site casted bell was installed by our company together with our bell ringing machine JUBILATE. Because of the special location our equipment brings the bell sound into the complete region. With our remote-kit the bell can switched on and off, as well as programmed from far distances (worldwide) without being at the chapel.

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June 2019

Chime in Sindelfingen

The chime in Sindelfingen comprises 40 bells. The chime was completely renovated in the last few months. After locally renovation of the belfry and cleaning of the bells, we added completely new magnetic hammers, produced in our company, to the bells. The chime is controlled by our Chime controller SONATE, which allows concerts via keyboard as well as automatically playing of melodies which are programmed in advance. The complete system can also be controlled with a new remote controlling system, which allows to manage the system from worldwide by computer, tablet or smartphone.

June 2019

Catholic Curch Höllstein

The catholic church Höllstein received from us a new oak wood bell chair as well as an oak wood yoke and redesigned number sheets. The competent experts praised the facility as a feast for the eyes.


May 2019

Protestant Church in Massenbach

In the Protestant Church in Massenbach we installed a new belfry made of oak in brilliant carpenters work, new yokes made of oak and steel bars made of high quality steel, new clappers as well as a complete new bell ringing equipment and hammerworks.


February 2019

Tower Clock in Witzhelden/Germany

Tower Clock in Witzhelden/Germany with illuminated figures and hands. Illumination with high quality LED. The LED were tested under extreme conditions in our heating chamber and are underwater proofed. The hands are driven by a motor hand drive for illuminated hands manufactured in our workshop with sliprings and wired according to high German standard VDE. 


Customers comment: Thank you very much. The clock looks super!

February 2019

City Clock was installed for WhiteCity

In Baku/Azerbaijan this 4-sided City Clock was installed for WhiteCity. Additional we have a customized LED temperature display on all four sided.

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December 2018

Pillar Clock Güglingen

Pillr Clock at Adlereck in Güglingen. In addition to the displayed time there is a Westminster Strike activated. The clock is background illuminated at night.

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December 2018

Facade Clock Penkenbahn

Facade Clock at station of Penkenbahn in Zillertal/Austria. Bespoke design of figures and hands according to customers request. The clock is controlled by our remote controlled motor hand drive MHD1300F.

October 2018

École Golden Valley School

Clock installation at the École Golden Valley School Val-d’Or, Québec in Canada consisting of a dial an pair of hands with motor hand drive MHD2500. The plant is controlled by a master clock PERCONTA. Project Manager is our Canadian partner: Michael Lucien Rowan.

May 2018

Artwork named ‚Moutarde‘

In Hornu/Belgium we installed an artwork named ‚Moutarde‘ for the artist Adel Abdessemed. According to his ideas we constructed and produced this masterpiece of old fashioned tower clock manufacturing. The outer frame measures 400 x 400 x 300 cm. The gearings are made of wood and aluminum according to artists requests. At the front of ‘Moutarde’ you will find a permanent swinging pendulum. All the time a clock weight will be lifted and moving down again. It was requested to hear the gearing well and the set down of the weight on a therefore prepared steel plate. All these shall show the dramatic of the installation of this artwork which is intensified by the additional drapery done by the artist.

April 2018

Aventura Slide Tower Miami

A very special project designed by the artist Carsten Höller is the clock on top of the Aventura Slide Tower in Miami. 

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February 2018

University Oman

Background illuminated dials for a University Campus in Sultanate of Oman.

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December 2017

Street clock, Azerbaidjan

Three-sided street clock for a public place in Baku White City, Azerbaidjan.

December 2017

Austin Central Library

August 2017

Cathedral Church of Saint-Joseph


New PERROT ringing system for 8 bells. Including the new tenor bell cast in France in 2016. With magnetic hammer for the hour striking.

June 2016

A Cuckoo Clock

The construction and installation by PERROT of a so-called contemporary Cuckoo Clock which delivers the colorful cuckoo bird’s unique call at hourly intervals. At the movement of the hands which become the bird’s stylized beak, the colorful cuckoo’s call can be heard at each hour.

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Springtime 2016


PERROT designed, manufactured and installed for each of two mosques located in KERBALA (Iraq) giant four-sided tower clocks. The WESTMINSTER Chime can be heard by means of a modern loudspeaker system.

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June 2015

Tower in Astana

Three background illuminated dials in special form and bespoke design were delivered and installed onto a 38 m tower in the capital of Kazakhstan in Astana. The dials have a height of approx. 3,40 m and a width of approx. 2,80 m. Because of the extreme temperatures and extreme temperature variation the clocks were fitted with some special features for a save running of the plant.

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October 2012

The Makkah Clock

The largest Tower Clock installation in the World.

The design, construction and installation of the largest tower clock system in the world. Alone, each of the four clocks dials measure 43 by 43 meters. All four clocks are powered by solar panels and are synchronized by a sophisticated time signal located within the building structure itself. It also features a lightning protection system which uses lightning rods installed by our firm.

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