Clock Dials

The design and production of the appropriate set of hands for any wall clock remains a matter of mutual trust and workmanship. In this respect, our design and production departments must comply with the respective wishes of church officials, architectural and engineering experts as well as construction entrepreneurs. Clock dials and hands are individually designed and manufactured, upon specific orders, in all shapes and sizes and without any reasonable limit to the diameter.

Each and every clock dial produced by PERROT is the result of careful research and development and is ultimately handcrafted with loving care. Whether your project calls for a distinctive tower clock, a simple wall clock, a suspended clock or then a floral clock, we shall produce it for you. In many instances, the dial figures and hands are delicately varnished in 23 ¾ and 24 karat gold, or then silver, as wished.

Varnishing Techniques

All of PERROT’s wall dials specifically destined for outdoor use are carefully lacquered through the use of environment-friendly techniques. Our varnishing technology is continually on the upgrade. Above all, our finishing techniques and procedures remain in strict compliance with all existing German industrial and environmental norms.



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