Our Line of Production

Our Line of Production

Research & Development

In our modern second floor company headquarters, one will find the service departments pertaining to inquiries from our clients, old and new, as well as the design and development of tower clocks of all types, our master clocks and ringing technology for church bells. State-of-the-art production in all its phases.

The Design Process

The preparation of plans for the design and construction of our special products is done by computer through the use of the latest 3D software presently available on the market. In this way, our new clients are able to visualize on screen the creation of the sought after product.

The Machine Shop

Our modern mechanical workshop uses top flight equipment for the production of spare parts and low volume parts production by means of numerically-controlled lathes and milling machines. Our mechanical inventory is naturally equipped with all necessary basic tools for standard work. Our technical personnel for this highly demanding line of work is fully trained and certified.

Metalworking & Blacksmithing

Clock dials and clock hands as well as clappers, yokes, metallic suspension bands and ringing wheels for church bells are constructed in the metalworking department. Then, next door, one finds the blacksmithing department. This is where our line of hammerheads and tower ornamentations are expertly hand-wrought in the finest tradition of the art. The refurbishment of such older equipment is also carried out by our experts.

The Electronics Lab

It is here in our electronics lab that our fine line of master clocks, bell ringers and carillon works have been researched, developed, produced and accordingly put into the market place. Prior to their leaving our firm for the market place, whether nationwide or throughout the world, all our master clocks come under strict observation during a weeklong period of testing procedures.

The Paint Shop

Wall dials, clock hands, numerals and tower ornamentations are lovingly varnished and gold-leafed in our paint works. The techniques and materials utilized in our production procedures are in strict conformity with the environment-friendly norms which have been set down in our industry. Intensive quality control in our works is a guarantee of our standards of excellence.

A peak into our Machine Shop in which our skilled workers produce top-quality and precision equipment and technology.

The art of the blacksmith at our firm has remained intact since our foundation in the 19th Century. The forging of new hammerwork equipment is done by expert hands.

Wall dials, clock hands, numerals and tower ornamentations are lovingly varnished and gold-leafed in our paint shop.

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