Tower Clock Movement

The motorized clock movement is located directly behind the mid-point of the dial. It responds to a minute impulse transmitted by the PERCONTA Master Clock. This sturdy and reliable waterproof bell tower technology makes for a very high standard of performance, be it in cold winter weather or in extreme summer heat. This mechanism is also resistant to all dust and grime.

PERROT’s basic standard clock movement mechanisms operate behind dials spanning from 1300 to 9000 mm. For even larger dials, our specialists will design and produce the adequate clock movement unit.



Giant Clock Movement

Behold a clock movement for an imposing 9 meter diameter illuminated dial located high up on the Cathedral Tower in Sao Paulo (Brazil). The main shaft of the mechanism has a length of 120 cm. The total weight of this special unit tips the scale at 180 kg.


Not one, but four of these specially-built precision movements were manufactured by PERROT for this bell tower project.

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