Special Installations

Special Installations

PERROT’s extensive experience, creativity and know-how in the field of clockworks lends it to manufacture and deliver top quality custom-made clock movements and time apparatus for all types of buildings and tower structures. Our firm deals with clients, new and old, who are spread across the five continents of the globe. We consider each of the special installations to be a derivative of genuine German know-how and workmanship. Very unique clocks for wherever they are geographically located.

A magnificent astronomical clock, inspired by a similar one to be found in Mantua (Italy), is located within an important public building in BATUMI (Georgia). This piece of precision workmanship comes complete with six axles: 24 hour dial, sunrise and sunset, zodiac symbols as well as the moon months and moon phases.

In a HONG KONG shopping mall, our specialists installed within a magnificent piece of artwork an intricate mechanism of gear works which commands the free-standing clock. The precise time can be seen without any hindrance. And then, one can admire the pendulum which swings freely and that reminds one of a traditional Grandfather Clock.

Above an historic building in BATUMI (Georgia), PERROT installed a four-sided clockworks together with illuminated hands and numerals. Although each individual clock face is not illuminated, the circular rim is indeed. The correct time can be seen from afar.

This illuminated background clock dial in Tblisi (Georgia) is fixed upon the center part of a public building. The dial plate itself is beautifully lead glazed. The numerals and hands are delicately varnished in gold leafing.

The very original VITRA SLIDE Observation Tower situated near WEIL AM RHEIN (Southwestern Germany) is topped off with a 6 meter wide circular clock which is in continual rotation movement. Both the numerals and the clock hands are illuminated at night. The hands for the minutes are identified with the VITRA logo and can be seen from a distance both at night and in the daytime.

In a downtown sector of the City of LONDON (England), one can admire a double-sided exterior clock which is enclosed within a handsome casing that is fixed to the outer wall along with a surmounted decorative grill. Naturally, the dials are illuminated from the inside. Amazingly, the numerals are not located in their normal positions. However, the hands point to the correct time at all times.

Through the inspiration of German-born artist and sculpture Tobias Rehberger, PERROT developed and produced a very special type of clock to be found in the town of RIEHEN near Basel (Switzerland). It is a so-called contemporary Cuckoo Clock which delivers the colorful cuckoo’s call at hourly intervals. The numerals and hands are illuminated for night time viewing. By the way, the hours’ hand protrudes at every hourly call, such as the bird’s beak!

At the old Stock Exchange Building in RIGA (Latvia), one will find a handsome anemometer dial fully equipped with indicators for barometric pressure and outside temperature. The figures and numerals are easy to read. A special protective glass cover is not needed since the movements are strong enough to keep the big clock hands at their correct position. The inspiration for the design came from a consensus of local businessmen and clients.

The delivery and installation of a carillon of 16 new bronze bells by our specialists, together with a moving display of figurines, was made possible for the main public square in BATUMI (Georgia). The carillon melodies and circular movement of the figurines were programmed into our PERCONTA GLSP Master Clock.

In collaboration with German-born artist creator Christian Moeller, PERROT built and had installed by chosen specialists two 15 meter high kinetic sculptural forms or, more specifically, metronomes for the airport grounds at the SAN DIEGO International Airport located in Southern California. Both metronome swings independently versus the wind direction and, If necessary, at a certain given angle as specified for by the artist.

The so-called LOLA is artwork literally in perpetual motion. One can call it a kinetic sculpture. Both arms swing individually but not in harmony. Christian Moeller, formerly of Germany, created this work of art which depicts a person running alongside a train and waving goodbye. The mechanism is an exclusive product of PERROT know-how. One can find LOLA on the premises of the DENVER (Colorado, USA) Union Train Station.

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