Bell Yokes and Clappers

This same quality of oakwood is utilized by PERROT to construct the appropriate yoke (or, headstock) for a bell. As one can see in the photos, different and individual designs for basic yokes are available. A perfect connection between the bell and its yoke is made possible by special fasteners which allow for the best possible power transmission provided by the bell ringer.



The molded metallic bands are made of high quality material and are designed so as to keep everything absolutely tightened.

Bell clappers

Bell clappers are what make a bronze bell vibrate with all its richness of sound. However, a correctly constructed clapper is what makes the bell sing out. Our clappers produce that richness of sound while, at the same time, protecting the bell from unwanted shocks. PERROT delivers and installs all types of clappers in conformity with the wishes of its clients as well as qualified bell experts. They are made of wrought iron and they always come with the appropriate fasteners.



Together with the yoke, the clapper remains the essential element which allows the musical symphony to flow out of the bell tower!


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