1990 - 1999

  • The gradual and then complete takeover of the Bernhard Zachariä firm in Leipzig, the oldest tower clock producers still in operation in Germany.
  • A new installations and maintenance team is established in Remscheid (Germany).
  • The production and installation of the first motorized clock movement equipped with third a hand for the seconds. Dial with a diameter of 2 meters.
  • The production and delivery of 28 units motorized clock movements, including a hand for the seconds, to the GLOBO Television Network of Brazil. Each dial has a diameter of 6 meters.
  • The delivery and installation of a 48 bronze bell automated carillonworks for the religious shrine of Kevelaer (Germany).

2000 - 2009

  • The production and delivery of a planetary first, that is, a giant clock which operates according to a Mystery Principle and which is located in the Main Lobby of the City & District Savings and Credit Union in Pforzheim (Germany).
  • The initial production of a motorized clock movement for a 12 meter wide dial equipped with individually illuminated hands.
  • The necessary research leading up to the production of a giant Calendar Clock which indicates the days and months of the year.
  • Active participation by our company in the reputed research program PRO-BELL in which major well-known European firms and bell experts are involved in the study of how to protect swinging bronze bells from major accidents caused by faulty bell ringing equipment. Our own JUBILATE electronic bell ringer is successfully used in many of the experimental tests.
  • Giant tower clocks were constructed and delivered to Baku (Azerbaijan) and Bagdad (Iraq). Hands and figures are illuminated.
  • A three-sided clock with a diameter of 3 meters was delivered by us to the firm of Mondaine Watch Ltd., a reputed Swiss clockmaker. The clock is illuminated from within and works with a third hand for the seconds.
  • The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) ordered from our firm a handsome company clock with a diameter of 5 meters. This version is illuminated from the interior, is doubled-sided and has a third hand for the seconds.

    2010 up till today

      • The production, delivery and installation of a 3 meter wide special window clock for the President’s Hotel in Baku (Azerbaijan). The hands and figures are self illuminated as soon as the darkness falls. One can therefore read the time on a 24-hour basis.
      • We delivered and installed a carillon of 16 new bronze bells along with a moving display of figurines for the main public square in Batumi (Georgia). The carillon melodies and circular movement of the figurines were programmed into our PERCONTA GLSP Master Clock.
      • Throughout Germany and elsewhere, our firm coordinated various refurbishment projects for existing church bell peals whether historical or more recent.
      • Our firm delivered its first ever astronomical dial clock. This giant tower clock with its diameter of 4 meters indicates the 24 hours of the day. With its multiple dials, it displays the relative positions of the sun, moon and zodiacal positions.
      • The design, construction and installation of the largest tower clock in the world. Alone, each of the four clocks dials measure 43 by 43 meters. All four clocks are powered by solar panels and are synchronized by a sophisticated time signal located at a distance. It also features a lightning protection system using lightning rods installed by our firm.
      • The installation of a giant 13 meter wide Tower Clock for a 140m high building in Grozny (Chechnya). The illuminated-by-night hands and numerals were delivered by our firm.
      • The production and installation of four identical sets of louvers (8,2m high by 2,3m wide) for the upper portion of the belfry at the Church of Christ in Wuppertal (Germany).
      • The installation of a brand-new set of 25 bronze bells located in the old market center of the Town of Ditzingen (Southwestern Germany), fully equipped with hi-tech PERROT engineered chiming equipment.
      • A completely new tower clock technology for the main tower at the Palace of the Emirs of Qatar and which includes a Westminster chiming mechanism.
      • The construction and installation of a so-called contemporary Cuckoo Clock which delivers, at the movement of the hands or then the bird’s beak, the colorful cuckoo’s call at hourly intervals.
      • The production and marketing of a new generation of the PERCONTA Master Clock (by touch screen) as well as the upgrading of our electronic bell ringer and GLSP and SONATE electronic chimeworks

      The present-day Ownership

      In 1993, Heinrich Immanuel Perrot handed down the reins of the company to three of his four sons. Christoph Heinrich Perrot heads the domestic and exports departments as well as all product research and development. Johannes Immanuel Perrot is chief financial and commercial director. Andreas Michael Perrot oversees domestic sales, as well as technology design and production.

      A peak into our Machine Shop in which our skilled workers produce top-quality and precision equipment and technology.

      The art of the blacksmith at our firm has remained intact since our foundation in the 19th Century. The forging of new hammerwork equipment is done by expert hands.

      Wall dials, clock hands, numerals and tower ornamentations are lovingly varnished and gold-leafed in our paint shop.

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