Tower Ornamentations



Tower Ornamentations

Amidst its wonderful array of reputed products for towers of all types, PERROT offers fine weatherproof tower ornamentations such as spires, weathervanes and cupolas. We produce only the best in terms of quality and workmanship. Our tower ornamentation repertoire includes the following: the complete refinishing of steeple and spire claddings, the replication of former ancestral tower landmarks, the upgrading of existing decorative copper-clad elements and the replacement and/or incorporation of weather vanes and various other decorative stampings. Our experts invariably work under the careful scrutiny of various project managers and architects. They also specialize in restoration work of all types, regardless of the age of the tower structure itself. Finally, gold leafing in 24 karat gold remains one of our finest specialties. This technique remains the pride and joy of the PERROT firm.




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