Bell Ringing Equipment

JUBILATE Electronic Bell Ringer



This advanced bell ringing technology has gradually become a viable alternative to the traditional electro-mechanical bell ringer which has served thousands of German bell towers throughout the 20th Century. The design and production by PERROT of a hi-tech electronic processor enables any given church bell, regardless of the size of the bell tower, to reach its correct swinging angle, thereby rendering the richest possible tonal effect. At the same time, historic bell towers are better protected by this new and more secure bell ringing technology. A bronze bell is considered by many as one of the finest musical instruments on this earth and must therefore warrant special protective measures. The microprocessor (LR20) with its electronic reversing contactor and all other necessary equipment is housed within a handsome IP65 wall cabinet equipped with a transparent door which guarantees complete protection from dust, water, pollutants and other unfriendly factors. The bell ringing machines themselves are German-manufactured and run on 8 or 12 poles, three-phases and multi-voltage.



Here are some important features of the JUBILATE electronic system with its LR20 microprocessor: Soft start of the motor drive, Maximum swing angle is preset, Precise number of desired clapper strikes for each bell, Adjustment for the right or left side movement of the bell, Braking process of the bell, whether it be softer or not, Minimum wear-and-tear to the bell ringer guaranteed by the integrated electronic equipment.

Cymbal Bell Peal

The JUBILATE electronic bell ringing system applies to church bells ranging in size from 5 kg to the largest ones hovering around 10 tonnes. One remarkable installation by PERROT is located in the giant bell tower of the Protestant Church in HERRENBERG (Southwestern Germany). Eight modern upper octave bells (weighing 150 kg in total) are swung smooth using our electronic bell ringing system with its LR20 microprocessor.



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