Tower Window Louvers

In compliance with the norms established by the German Advisory Board overseeing the tens of thousands of church bell installations all across the country, PERROT manufactures and delivers made-to-order louvers for bell towers.


The proper louver installation guarantees a fine mellow flow of the sound which a bell symphony sings out from the tower. The angle of the louver slats as well as the spacing between them will have been determined by the experts in order to maximize the sound effect of the wonderful bell music. According to the specific degree angle of the louvers, the bell music rolls out either in a lateral flow or then, in a more downward direction. The correct position of the shutters is recommended by the local church bell expert. Furthermore, anti-pigeon (as well as other unwanted birds) protection devices are part and parcel of any louver installation, thereby correctly eliminating any pigeon invasion into the bell chamber.

FORST (Southwestern Germany)

One can admire this mighty church bell tower with its new set of louvers constructed in Douglas Firwood. PERROT planned and executed the complete renovation of the bell peal with new yokes and clappers as well with the JUBILATE ringing system.

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