Bell Ringing Equipment

JUBILATE Linear Bell Ringer



At times, the serious lack of adequate space within a bell ringing chamber creates a problem for a swinging bell. The ringing wheel, the chain and motor base take up too much room. PERROT has therefore created an alternative situation to this problem. It is called the LINEAR technique. The linear motor drive system puts a bell gently into swinging motion by means of a magnetic field which allows the bell to start and to swing evenly thus enabling the clapper to strike properly on each inner side of the bell. The correct swinging angle is established by our patented microprocessor (LR20) which also insures the smooth braking process for the bell. The installation of the linear motor drive system is simple. It necessitates a minimum of maintenance thereafter. Its power consumption is also very economical. All in all, this system is the ideal alternative to other types of swinging bell technology.



The linear motor drive system is ideal for smaller bells located on private domains, in school buildings, fire halls, town halls and cemetery chapels. Preferably, the bell should be properly equipped with a new wooden yoke, suspension bands and clapper.

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