In addition to our main production and installation menu for tower clocks and wall dials, PERROT also applies its workmanlike skills and experience to the restoration of its own installations dating from many years back. It is such that old and new are combined together to make for fully functional as well as esthetically restored technology.

The illustrated gear works for a tower clock located in LÜBBERSDORF (Northeastern Germany) was overhauled and reconditioned by our experts. Worn-out parts were replaced with identical brand-new ones. In compliance with the client’s wishes, a new electrical drive was installed, thereby keeping the old historic system in precise functioning order.

Time-honored heavy duty tower clock movements of all makes and dimensions are minutely overhauled by our able technicians and then put back into proper working order. The apparatus can be equipped with an electrical drive if the client wishes so. The general operation of the tower clock will be much improved, including a much smoother pendulum synchronization which makes for top precision performance. The nightly strike cut-off is insured by our fully integrated system for mechanical clocks.

In BONN (Germany), the 223 cm wide upper wall dial of a historic building was completely refurbished. The project was carried through in close cooperation with the state office for the preservation of historical monuments. This impressive task involved a clock dial and clock work of nearly 100 years of age and weighing some 160 kg. Its completed restoration is a thing of beauty.

PERROT recently refurbished this beautiful wall clock at the old town hall in BONN. The final result is outstanding.

A pipe organ builder from our region (Southwestern Germany) ordered a magnificent custom-designed and delicately manufactured clock works which was integrated within the facade of the organ.

The exterior clock facade for a church in ERKELENZ (German Rhineland) was completely renewed with numeral coffers as well as hands. The base frame was also restored. A new lighting system includes the energy-efficient but powerful LED technique.

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