November 2020

Saint Roch

The historic capital city of Québec, of Canada's French-speaking province bearing the same name, are to be found the oldest Roman Catholic parish churches in all of North America. One of these is the Parish of St, Roch (1620-2020) located in Québec’s Lower Town. The present church building (the fourth in the parish history) was completed in 1921. The magnificent pipe organ constructed by CASAVANT, a world-famous organ builder from Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec), remains a patrimonial feature of the building. However, the 5 bell peal imported from PACCARD of France in 1907 stands out as a landmark within the church bell rich City of Québec’s more than 150 existing church bell towers.

The total weight of the WESTMINSTER Motif exceeds 6 500 kg. The largest bell strikes the note of B flat. To commemorate the centenary of the present church building, it was finally decided to replace the old defective ringing system with new modern bell ringing technology manufactured and imported from Germany.

As part of their specific heritage, the original bell accessories were improved but generally preserved. The classic oak wood ringing wheels are such an example.
The recent installation of the PERROT ringing system has brought something important back to life in the local neighborhood. Amongst the finest peals to be found in the Old Town, the rich and powerful sound of the bells from St. Roch Church now sing out on weekdays and Sundays.

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