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Perrot Today

The Perrot House situated on the Bischofstraße in Calw
Heinrich Immanuel Perrot (*22.10.1929) obtained his apprenticeship credentials at the PERROT firm's Water Sprinkler Division, after which he completed his engineering studies at the State School of Engineering at Esslingen. In 1952, he began his tenure at his father's clockworks. In 1959, he decided to take on the production of electric bellringing technology. Shortly after that, the firm started to research into the production of fully electrical and lightweight tower clock technology. However, these new activities created, in the early 1960s, a need for larger production premises. Heinrich I. Perrot had no choice but to expand with the building of a new factory complex in the suburb of Calw-Heumaden. Consequently, sales territories were widened and export markets were opened up. For example, a new musical Calendar Clock was designed and produced for a shopping mall in Dublin (Ireland). This breakthrough marked the beginning of a new era for the PERROT firm and the Calendar Clock became its prize showpiece.

The Calendar Clock, Dublin

Some highlights of this new PERROT generation: 

1996: Production and installation of the first motorized clock movement equipped with a third hand for seconds and having a diameter of 2 meters.

1999: Delivery of 28 units of motorized clock movement components including a hand for seconds to the Brazilian television firm of TV Globo. Each dial has a diameter of 6 meters.

Takeover of Bernhard Zachari� GmbH, a well-known clockworks firm situated in Leipzig (Germany).

2001: Delivery and installation of a 48-bell automated carillonworks for the religious shrine of Kevelaer (Germany).

A new installations and maintenance team is established in Remscheid (Germany).

2002: Production and delivery of a planetary first, that is, a giant clock which operates on a Mystery-Principle and which is located in the Atrium of the City+District Savings & Credit Union of Pforzheim (Germany).

The present-day ownership team

The present-day ownership team 

In 1993, Heinrich I. Perrot hands over the reins of the firm to three of his four sons. 

Christoph Heinrich Perrot heads the domestic and export departments as well as all product research and development.

Johannes Immanuel Perrot is chief financial and commercial director.

Andreas Michael Perrot oversees domestic sales, as well as technology design and production.


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